sunday beyond


5th-6th grade, this is for you! On Sunday's we encourage you to be helpers in our children's ministry, as well as attend worship with your parents.

We also look forward to seeing you every Wednesday night! These afternoons provide a chance to hangout & build rapport with others. We will worship, order concessions & play games where you have time to focus on homework, friends & worship. Our attendance ranges from 12-24 kids. Come & join our growing group where you will learn more about who God is & his plan for you! 4-6:30 pm is your time to hangout & from 6:30-8 pm we will break into groups for study.



7th-12th grade belong to our youth group! Join us was we hangout on Wednesday nights in the "the loft" where we play sports, video games and worship via our student led youth worship team! Come see for yourself what our chaos looks like and join our other 100 students for Wed night fun!  

wednesday nights

Wednesday night programming ends in May, and resumes when school begins the last week of August.

We open the building right after school at 4 pm giving our students the opportunity to come to the church & hang out, do their homework, and play games! Drop off on Wednesday takes place between the hours of 4-6:30 pm.

By 6:45 pm it is time for worship and bible study in our small groups set up by grade level. We wrap things up by 8 pm...

we can't wait to see you!