Youth Group

Youth Group is back! Join us on Wednesday Nights. Things may have changed for a little while, but coming together in fellowship to learn about the Father has not changed a bit! Every week 4th-12th graders are welcome to join us in fellowship & worship after school. We will meet each Wednesday until further notice.

We meet from 6:00 to 8:00pm. Each evening starts with some hang out time, then we spend time in God's word and family groups to help us better connect to each other and what God is challenging us with each week. Family groups are where the real discipleship happens, and sure to be one of your favorite parts of Wednesday nights!


Wednesday Nights 6 PM - 8 PM

more fellowship opportunities

Each summer our youth ministry takes part in a summer ministry activity, whether we plan to go to a conference, rent a house for a few days out of town, or host the event in our own backyard, we are always looking for exciting ways to bring Jesus into your life. 

Look for these type of opportunities on our website in the spring, as well as how to get registered to attend.

For more information regarding any Youth Ministry questions contact Elijah Rogers