our story


Creekside began as a bible study group in 2003 and progressed to church planning later the same year.  

This small group met in the rose emporium just adjacent from where the church sits now.  In all, this small group comprised of 9 adults + 2 kids.


Spring 2004 the church had a soft launch, followed by a grand opening the same year in August, our official birthday. 

Our first building was move-in ready Easter 2006, this is currently our children's facility, and our current worship facility broke ground in August 2008 and we moved-in May 2009.   


In 13 years our 9 worshipers turned into 900 active worshipers, of which an average of 460 "real-life-everyday-people" worship weekly.  50% of our church size is the national average for church attendance; a staggering statistic, isn't it?!?!? 

In 2017 we served as a hurricane Harvey relief location, taking in countless families who were touched in some fashion by Harvey. Our volunteers put in countless hours to ensure we could make what was likely one of the worst moments in their lives, to one where they could feel safe and know they were loved.  We have worked on, and are in the process of, upgrading our facilities so we can better handle disasters of this magnitude in the future. 


This church and the real-life-everyday-people who attend to worship are part of a community.  A community in which we help to support it as often as possible. Together we experience hardships, and together we get through them. 


With God's direction, we plan to grow!  We have plans to build a family recreation center, to include two gym floors, and indoor batting cage, and numerous other family benefits. 


As our community grows we endeavor to grow with it, from a future worship center, and an Ag center, in partnership with NISD; sport fields; a future home of Creekside Christian Academy, as well as a lodge style facility to host single mothers in transition. 


We will simply adapt and grow as our community grows and as God directs us.  Join us and be a part in the awesomeness God is placing before us. Our family is your family!