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a message from Pastor Greg

April 1, 2021

Good morning Creekside,

Good morning Creekside, it is Thursday, April 1. No Joke!! It is a beautiful Spring morning and I'm soaking it up because I know this won't last. All you summer lovers rejoice as your season is around the corner. I will be praying for an early Fall return. More importantly it is Opening Day for Major League Baseball. As I did last year, I will follow my favorite sport and Astros until someone takes a knee etc. etc. As many of you may remember I did not watch a single game after last years on field display...ugh, just play the game people!!

Last year...

Last year we didn't worship on Easter

Last year I did "drive up communion" on Easter Sunday

Last year I was in the planning process of designing our return approach and anticipating when and how we could reopen our church. We opened on May 3 first weekend churches were given clearance

Last year we were contemplating our role as a church in a pandemic and hosted 5 Houston Food Bank drops and served in Louisiana hurricanes feeding over 5,000

Last year we sat in pod chairs 6' apart and had to RSVP for 4 weeks (that was interesting)

Last year we starting producing a video series titled, "Leaning into the crazy" and video taping Children's Sunday lessons

Last year I never wanted to "downplay" covid but rather keep giving us perspective, hope and calm in a storm

That was last year!!!

This year the pandemic is still ongoing (it aint over till the fat...till the news media tells us so)

This year a vaccine is available

This year I still wear a face mask when asked to do so to respect places of business

This year more people are "done" with it

And this year there are a few things that still make you go "hmmm..." Such as the state of Washington proclaiming they haven't had a single death from the common flu for 2020/21 flu season. This hasn't happened in over 100 years for the whole state!! The previous flu season Washington State recorded 114 flu deaths. Would this be a medical miracle or is wearing a mask this effective? Hmmm...maybe it's just the rebel in me, but I often times question things for the sake of perspective. Chasing rabbits!

Back to this year...

This year we will return to Easter Worship and celebrate a Risen Lord and celebrate our lives in person. You are invited, as well as your neighbor, friends and family. Let's worship this Easter 2021 in person or on Facebook live!!

This year we will start a 4 week Easter study break from Luke and preach through a new book from Max Lucado titled, "Begin Again". Books are available for purchase at church for $20 (retail varies up to $29). We sold out last Sunday!! Yikes, but we have more books for this weekend starting tonight.

How will we worship? What about safety? Let me help.

• We will offer 4 Celebration services starting this Friday evening at 7p. Historically Friday is a low attendance service so if you want "elbow room" I'll see you Friday evening. Yes, Friday's message will be Sunday's Easter message.

• We will offer Sunrise Service outdoors (even better) starting at 7a. This could be a great covid safety solution. Slides and worship screens are not available outside, so the "chic" thing to say is that our Sunrise service is rustic

• We will offer our normal 9:30a and 11:00a service times like "normal" indoors.

• Facebook Live is still available. We are actually 3 years into Facebook live. We are offering a new "live platform" for a better viewing experience.

• We will also offer our Thursday evening service TONIGHT at 7p. It will be a foot washing for willing participants. We will discuss in the Thursday message this particular lesson (John 13) Jesus taught and the action of washing the Disciples feet in the Upper Room.

• A Face Mask Zone is available in our upper room. As it is called, a face mask is required in this area

• Face masks can be worn in any of our worship services on the main floor or anywhere on campus but not required in worship as mandated in Texas, April 30, 2020

• Communion will not be a common bowl of bread. All communion is individually cupped

• Hand sanitizer is everywhere! You can bathe in it

*Don't forget, Rob's Mini Donut food truck will join us and will be ready to serve at 8:00a all Easter morning, (purchase is required).

I'm very excited that this weekend we will introduce our new Associate Pastor to our church and our team. This has been a long prayer of mine and desperately needed. Jeremy and Tina will join us, starting tonight and a perfect Easter weekend to jump in and help pastor our church. If you missed the announcement three weeks ago, Jeremy has been in ministry for about 26 years and has served his last church for 22 years in the capacity of youth, associate and lead Pastor (8 years). I'm a firm believer that longevity is a very important factor in successful pastoring and overall church health. Jeremy and Tina share this vision of long haul ministry as evidence in a 22 year stint with their last church. Jeremy is 51 years old and shares a common passion of mine for baseball, although he roots for the wrong team...he's a Dodger fan. Jesus still loves him (although less that Astro fans) but grace abounds. Dodger and Yankee fans will be in Heaven but further away from the throne of God. That's written somewhere, perhaps in the book of Greg chapter 1:1. Tina loves to kayak and is also a long haul (20+ years) elementary school teacher and is interviewing with school districts here in our area. Jeremy and Tina have two grown kids. Their son will be joining us in May. Their son is in college studying to be an engineer. Their daughter is also an elementary teacher and is engaged to be married late this year. Jeremy's father lives in Oklahoma and will come down to visit on Jeremy's first weekend. Welcome Jeremy and Tina, we look forward to a long ministry in serving our church and community.

Perhaps I'll see you tonight and hopefully for sure this weekend


I love this church!!


Pastor Greg on "the grip of fear"

Here we are with the predicted second surge! I'm quite aware of fears, (I am almost repeating email content from two months ago) but I don't live by the grip of fear. I hope this statement makes sense. I make this statement in humble sincerity. 

2 Timothy 1:7 says "for God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind" as well as John 14:27, "...Do not be worried and upset; do not be afraid". It's the "sound mind" phrase that first arrests my attention. Sound mind means the fear has been weighed, wrestled with, faced, understood yet dismissed because of a spirit of "calm". Ah! that's it. Not ignored or stick our head in the sand, but rather faced, measured and dismissed because of a "calm" that God has given us.

The night before open-heart surgery I slept like a baby! It was the best night sleep of the previous 7 days in the hospital. I was completely content. I remember as I was being strapped down to a surgical table and discussing the procedure, I could be afraid or remain calm. My heart would be taken out to have a hole cut in it to excise a tumor. My heart's new hole would then be patched with bovine material, then everything would be reconnected...easy as cake. A scientist from Space X was quoted, "there are a 1,000 things that can happen when you ignite a space rocket...only one has a good outcome". So it is, I remember thinking a thousand things can happen in the next 4 hours in this operating room, only one is good.

Finally, don't forget the Apostle Paul's words in Philippians 1:20-23 "For I fully expect and hope that I will never be ashamed, but that I will continue to be bold for Christ as I have been in the past. And I trust that my life will bring honor to Christ, whether I live or die. For to me, living means living for Christ, and dying is even better. But if I live, I can do more fruitful work for Christ. So I really don't know which is better, I'm torn between two desires..."

Of the Philippian verse above I'm struck by a second phrase. I highlighted it for you in bold and italicized it for you, "but if I live..." what a strange, bold, courageous, exciting and opportunistic statement. I have always hated the old brimstone and fire statement, "if you die tonight do you know where you will go? Heaven or hell?" I've always liked the other statement, "if you don't die tonight, how will you live for tomorrow...?" 

We are all wrestling with this Covid thing. We aren't out of the woods and in the "all clear". But rather in the midst of it all, the thick of it all, I'd still rather live in the confidence of my Lord. After wrestling and measuring it, I'll choose a spirit of calm". And as I live, I'll live with courage. I hope you will choose these two perspectives as well.