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We invite all Kinder - 4th Grade Students to join us for 4-fun-filled-days of Adventure!  

Join us this year as we travel into the galaxy and explore what life might be like floating in space... aboard an out-of-this-world resort hotel!

We'll discover not only what an amazing universe God has created, but we'll also learn how to be good servant leaders within it. By following the life of Joseph and his trials, triumphs, and mistakes, we'll find out what kind of leader God wants each of us to be.

But wait... the adventure doesn't end there! Everyday we are doing science experiments, crafts, games, worship, Bible studies, and inflatables of all kinds.

Our goal is not only for your kids to have a fun-filled camp like no other, we want each and every one of them to leave empowered with the skills and knowledge they need to be servant leaders in their everyday lives. So strap in and hold on, we're going to embark on a leadership adventure and boldly go where no space hotel has gone before!

Last day to register is June 19, 2022

July 5 - July 8

8 AM - 4 PM

$125 per child registration by April 17  |  $150 per child registration after April 17

$15 optional t-shirt purchase | $25 after April 17

Sack lunch needed; snack provided am/pm

PARENTAL CONSENT FORM   |   Download the Parental Consent Form, sign and return.  Click here for form

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