Church Service Online Only

a message from Pastor Greg

When you think about the church it has never been about a "building"...we have heard that forever. It's true, it isn't about a building, but the church since the book of Acts has always gathered in various structures for the sake of unity. That one word is the difference, unity. I also know the church has survived disease, corruption, attack and oppression. God's church will survive this as well.

So, here's the plan moving forward:

Sunday Adult/Children's Worship/Communion/Offering

Sunday at 9:30a we will facebook live. Don't know how you ask? We can help. You can find a link, as well as directions, as to how to view the live feed here. You're about to become "Tech Savvy".

Children's Church Worship Video, by our Children's Team will be posted at 9:30a

Prepare your own Lord's Communion at home, as we will celebrate together on our live broadcast

Offerings can be given online at our website - email with questions; mail offerings to - Creekside Christian Fellowship, PO Box 1129, Needville, TX 77461 or you can hand deliver to the front Lobby Wednesdays 9a-1p and Thursday 4p-7p

Adult Small Group, Children and Family Discipleship

Each Tuesday and Thursday we will post a Bible Study/Encouraging thought for both a Children's audience as well as our adult audience. This will be prepared by me and our Children's Team

Each Wednesday we will post a video from Ashlee with a Family devotion and daily family activities for 7 days

These videos will be posted to our Website or Facebook or possibly Creekside Youtube or all three. We are still working on these three platforms and will let you know which platforms are available to you for our video productions.

Community Help

So now you're home and your kids have school work. You're now a Home School Parent!!! We will will be arranging help for you with either a Zoom Conference training and tutoring or a video help for you to learn the tricks of the trade in home schooling. How to set a routine, when to play, when to study and how to pace yourself and your kids!!!

If you need help talking through all of this, if you feel anxiety pressing in or depression please call Pastor Greg 832-595-7676 or our licensed church counselor Creekside Christian Counseling Center

Patience and Appreciation

I am very thankful for our Pastoral Team and our Leadership Team!! There are numerous things going on behind the scenes right now to produce videos, content of the videos etc. and opportunities to serve and be the church!! I am proud of our team and I'm sure you will appreciate their devotion to God and our spiritual well being of our church family.

How can you help: 

Start a new phrase..."how are you and how is your neighbor". Use your neighborhood links (if you have one) and apps to invite folks to join our live services and midweek video posts

"Easter in a whole different format", is a possible need but we won't know the future duration of our group gathering restrictions so stay tuned. Just in case though we are rethinking how to do Easter

Well, we can't meet in groups so please pray for the following.

1) Our nation. I can jokingly say I'm not a prophet, but it does't take a rocket scientist to realize you can't shut a nation down with paying the price economically.

2) Our church family and our health, so far no reports have come to me.

3) Your Pastoral Team as they scramble to find ways to serve you from a virtual presence.

Hang in there!! God knows you. I love this Church


5 items to help

1) Stay positive - our families react as we react. People around us also sense our feelings of stress and react to us accordingly. Your positive stance can restore others to confidence. 

2) Serve your Family - take care of yourselves and make decisions based on your family's best interest.

3) Limit TV "news fixation" - in other words, turn the dadgum TV off!!  

4) Keep things normal - your kids are home, you're stressed and mayhem is about to happen and it isn't a TV mayhem Allstate commercial!! So, create a new normal for the next three weeks. Take walks, read books, do some homeschool, create or build crafts and things of that nature. If you're really at a loss Creekside Christian Academy and Springers Gym are open and ready for your kids the next three weeks. They are adhering to Fort Bend County COVID-19 guidelines.

5) If you feel an increase in anxiety or feelings of depression please call Pastor Greg 832-595-7676 or email Creekside Christian Counseling Center

I'm praying for y'all, Greg

Health Resources

Need some help during this time? 

Click here for free resources to help you with newfound stress, and/or how to help your family cope during this time