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Church Service Update

a message from Pastor Greg

Phase 1 "preview services" are done!  Phase 2, (soft launch) of our reopening process. Here is the outline:

Here We Go

  • Thursday Evening worship 7:00p, referred to as The Bridge. ("bridging the gap of your busy weekends"). We will meet outdoors by the church lake in the Prayer Garden. No RSVP is necessary for outdoor worship! You may bring your own lawn/camping chair if you prefer, otherwise chairs are always provided. If the rain chance grows to a greater than 20% chance, we will move indoors so no problem
  • This past Sunday we offered 8:00a worship outside in the Prayer Garden. We will continue this service option for the month of May if this helps with your confidence in an outdoor setting. It's basic and looks like a Sunday at a retreat center.
  • Sunday 11:00a worship service
  • Children's Ministry at 9:30a
  • We can only receive 50 kiddos for worship. You will need to RSVP you and your children to attend worship service/children's ministry
  • Children's Church will enter through one of our side doors, NOT the main entrance, for the month of May.
  • We have to do the safe Texas obligatory thing so...if you are 65+ please stay home or use your best judgement. If you are sick or have felt sick in the last 2 weeks you must stay home! Just because we are open doesn't mean you have to be here.
  • Facebook Live continues at 9:30 so you may continue to worship from the safety of your own home for as long as you desire.

A Few More Items

  • Masks are still available and are on a first come first serve basis. They are $2 and all proceeds go to "Homes For Our Troops". 
  • CCA Preschool Graduation has been moved to Sunday, May 31
  • Phase 3 is our "Re-Launch Open House", starting June 7
  • We will keep monitoring Governor Abbott's mandate changes and adjust our relaunch accordingly

Phase #2 May 17, 24 & 31


  • May 14 we will resume Thursday worship out by the church lake at 7:00p or indoors (weather permitting)
  • Children’s Ministry will open up, 9:30A only
  • You may keep your kiddos in worship with you if you desire
  • No meet & greet
  • You will notice some of the changes previously mentioned
  • *If Gov. Abbott keeps the same mandate then we will keep the RSVP process, but you will be able to register for 9:30a or 11:00a. You will need to register, rsvp your children into children’s ministry. Our children’s building will have a 25% occupancy of 75 children.

RSVP for 9:30 AM + 11:00 AM Services

Phase #3 June 7, 14 & 21 Re-Launch Open House

  • Yup, the big re-grand opening of our church. We launched almost 16 years ago and will re-launch once again
  • Depending on what the new guidelines will be we will continue to adjust. We would think that the RSVP status will be dropped
  • June 7 will be an incredibly special morning of Celebration. I hope you will be ready to join us by June 7!! 
  • June 14 we will Celebrate our NISD graduating class of 2020. My heart goes out to these students and I hope you will join us for this special day
  • June 21 is Father’s Day. We will have missed our annual family portraits for Mother’s Day so we will have Father’s Day portraits! Free 8x10, purchasing a package is your decision. 
  • 10,000 mailers will be delivered just like an Easter or Christmas outreach
  • The new Needville "JAVA BOX" will join us on one or two of these Sundays!! Woohoo
  • Our church Java Creek will be the last to open on June 28. BYOD (bring your own donuts) and BYOC (bring your own coffee) except on Java Box days!!

We missed something…

What about masks? 

We have ordered 300 masks imprinted with our church logo and Patriot Coolers company logo. With our total order and your individual purchase a donation will be made to “Homes for Soldiers”. How awesome is that? 

Do I have to wear a mask?

You are not required to wear a mask. But these masks are cool and a portion of the money goes to a good cause!!

Hang in there!! God knows you. I love this Church


What will the service look like? How will we sit?

Great question! To keep with our social distancing guidelines we will have "pod seating" in groups ranging from 5 chairs down to 1 chair. 

our masks

Being sold at church as fundraiser at $2 per mask and all proceeds go to Home for our Troops; limited quantity

Purchase available Tuesday + Thursday from 9 AM - 1 PM

church is essential

Church is open within the church lobby from 9 AM - 1 PM each Tuesday and Thursday

church lobby open tues & thurs 9 AM - 1 PM

come to sit and talk, Pastor Greg will be there

come pray

come drop-off your offering

[ learn more about our current sermon series ]

prayer garden is always open


You can come to the prayer garden just be sure to keep to the 6-foot social distance rules with no more than 10 in a group

what to do?

walk » 4.5 times around » 1 mile

exercise station by soft ball field

fish in pond

5 items to help

1) Stay positive - our families react as we react. People around us also sense our feelings of stress and react to us accordingly. Your positive stance can restore others to confidence. 

2) Serve your Family - take care of yourselves and make decisions based on your family's best interest.

3) Limit TV "news fixation" - in other words, turn the dadgum TV off!!  

4) Keep things normal - your kids are home, you're stressed and mayhem is about to happen and it isn't a TV mayhem Allstate commercial!! So, create a new normal for the next three weeks. Take walks, read books, do some homeschool, create or build crafts and things of that nature. If you're really at a loss Creekside Christian Academy and Springers Gym are open and ready for your kids the next three weeks. They are adhering to Fort Bend County COVID-19 guidelines.

5) If you feel an increase in anxiety or feelings of depression please call Pastor Greg 832-595-7676 or email Creekside Christian Counseling Center

I'm praying for y'all, Greg

Health Resources

Need some help during this time? 

Click here for free resources to help you with newfound stress, and/or how to help your family cope during this time