Church Service Update

Important Updates

As updates are needed regarding COVID-19 they can be found here

What does a service looks like with social distancing? 

Great question! To keep with our social distancing guidelines we will have "pod seating" in groups ranging from 5 chairs down to 1 chair. 

5 items to help

1) Stay positive - our families react as we react. People around us also sense our feelings of stress and react to us accordingly. Your positive stance can restore others to confidence. 

2) Serve your Family - take care of yourselves and make decisions based on your family's best interest.

3) Limit TV "news fixation" - in other words, turn the dadgum TV off!!  

4) Keep things normal - your kids are home, you're stressed and mayhem is about to happen and it isn't a TV mayhem Allstate commercial!! So, create a new normal for the next three weeks. Take walks, read books, do some homeschool, create or build crafts and things of that nature. If you're really at a loss Creekside Christian Academy and Springers Gym are open and ready for your kids the next three weeks. They are adhering to Fort Bend County COVID-19 guidelines.

5) If you feel an increase in anxiety or feelings of depression please call Pastor Greg 832-595-7676 or email Creekside Christian Counseling Center

I'm praying for y'all, Greg

Health Resources

Need some help during this time? 

Click here for free resources to help you with newfound stress, and/or how to help your family cope during this time