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In this time of uncertainty we can all use some inspiration so we have complied 3 short video series to serve as devotionals for adults, the family, as well as children. We hope you enjoy as you grow in discipleship!

Leaning into the Crazy with Pastor Greg

This series is to help keep the disciplining factor alive. Many of your bible studies are not meeting right now and in order to continue to grow in your discipleship we are creating this video series for people who are looking for more of an in depth study. If you are looking for more and are in need of a new outlet to get it, this is the place for you.  

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Join our Children's Team as they share devotionals for our children each Tuesday and Thursday. These videos are short in nature and will cover one consistent theme throughout each week. Our hope is to nourish your children with these biblically based truths during a time when going to church is not an option. Let's sprout seeds of God's wisdom right in your own home!

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This video series is geared towards the family unit as a whole. Our hope is your family will come alongside us in these videos to watch, learn and participate in the activities Ashlee is going to teach you about each week, providing you with an activity for each day of the week.  

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