Thursday, February 18

Good morning, Creekside,

It is Thursday, February 18 and our 8th straight day of temperatures in the 30's. NO, this does not change my mind about winter, I love winter. NO, I will not embrace July and August with a new fond appreciation.

Once again, we find ourselves embroiled in another pandemic of "cold" and it's Trump's fault, Biden's fault, green energy's fault, ERCOT's fault, Paris agreement fault, global warming fault, because "you have to get colder to get warmer", ...all the while we are the ones making life happen and surviving with our skills and wit!!!

Oh...our trust, faith, hope in God and our ability to tend to our "neighbor", but those are not newsworthy stories!!

The grocery stores are once again empty, and panic has ensued. May I remind us it is also another day to pray, thank God for what we have and "walk humbly with our God". Weird how these Bible verses of walking with humility and the Lord's prayer of "daily bread" seem to be a re-emerging theme these days.

In the last few days between clap on and clap off power I have realized I have quite a few warm weather clothing, I'm blessed; I have a house for shelter, I'm blessed; I have enough food in my fridge and pantry to last a few days, I'm blessed; I have spent more time playing games with my grown daughters and talking together, so I'm blessed. Anyone want to build a snowman? I did, with my three daughters. Best fun in years!

Well, what's happening and what are the changes? 

Things to know:

1) I feel terrible we were not able to open as a "warming facility" for our community, but we didn't have power for three days. After Harvey we spent several thousand dollars getting a commercial fridge, freezer, defibrillators, commercial first aid packs and a washer/dryer so we would be ready for the next disaster and be Red Cross worthy. What we need now is a generator system. We are currently looking into this to remedy this for the next disaster and keeping us in the forefront to meet the needs of our community.

2) Guys, we will postpone the 5 stand skeet shoot due to circumstances we can't fix. New date coming soon

3) CCA and Springer will remain closed Thursday/Friday due to the fact we can't control the duration of current power and we cannot keep kids in a licensed facility without power

4) Food drive with the local Boy Scouts is still ongoing. Please bring can/dry goods to the front lobby

5) Youth Group will relaunch this coming Wednesday 2/24

Regarding Worship and Church facility:

1) THURSDAY WORSHIP IS A GO. Clap on power or clap off power we will worship this evening at 7:00p. There will not be Children's Ministry this evening for kids. We need to keep the kids in a warm and safe environment and we can't guarantee this.

2) SUNDAY WORSHIP WILL GO ON at 9:30 and 11:00

3) Children's ministry will be available this Sunday assuming we have power

4) We will still do our best to conserve energy so our building thermostats will be lowered. Please wear a jacket in worship and fill up your hot coffee/chocolate schnapps additives in worship people!! I can hear you brains and smiles working from here.

Our facilities leader Ray, shut the water at the well source and flushed the pipes Sunday after worship. Because of his brilliant move we have water with no busted pipes and high repair expense.

I think this is it. Once again I am impressed with our resilience as a church and our ability to help our neighbor. Let's worship.

I love this church

See you tonight or this Sunday.



Wednesday, February 17

Good evening church,

I'll get right to the point.

I know many of you are without power this evening and therefore may not get this message. I will also send out a text and we will try to post to Facebook as well.

I wish I had better news for you but round 2 with a possibility of freezing rain is on its way for the overnight hours. The only good news is that there will be some slight warming to thaw a few things out tomorrow with temps rising above 32*. However, as this front moves on another rush of cold air with lows in the 20's will follow tomorrow night.

I wish we could open the building as a warming center, but we don't have power to the church to do so. With 33,000 square feet and 25 restroom facilities and 7 sink basins it was best for us to shut the water off and flush the pipes from the well. So, no heat, no lights and no water.

As of now:

1) Youth Group will not start up tomorrow evening as planned.

2) Springer and CCA will remain closed tomorrow. We are all held hostage by not having power. This is not CenterPoint's problem folks or the many employees who work for CenterPoint. We should be thankful for the teams working the lines and grids during the freeze!!!

(Don't get me started on green energy, its inefficiencies for mass useage and the European agreement!!! Germany has the same problem as us right now as well as other European countries) Maybe I'll be censured for this line!!

3) Assuming electricity is restored, worship will be held Thursday evening as scheduled.

4) Springer and CCA will make a decision tomorrow regarding a smart and safe opening on Thursday. I will keep you posted.

My streets became ice-free by 3p this afternoon. If you are in desperate need of something and I can help, please let me know.

In the meantime please be aware of your neighbors and help folks as best you can.

Let's concentrate our prayers for the families who have had loved ones die across our great state, caused by the cold and their desperate methods to stay warm. As I mentioned in the church Facebook post I said, "be smart". Weather related emergencies (hot, cold or storms) require us to make smart choices which usually save lives and in turn keep us safe.

That is it for now

I love this church, BE SMART