schedule of events


We will register the 1st 30 girls and the 1st 30 boys; an alternates list will be created consisting of 10 girls, 10 boys



1. Must register and show proof of age, school, and have parent’s signature. This Tournament is for 16-19 year old high school students only. High school ID is required.

2. Fishing tournament will be a two (2) day event, with girls fishing on Saturday and boys fishing on Sunday.

3. Tournament is open to the first 30 boys and the first 30 girls in the order that they are received.

4. An alternate list of up to 10 boys and 10 girls will be kept and called out accordingly if registrants are "no shows".

5. All participants will need to check in at 6:15 AM.

6. Participants will start fishing at 7:00 AM with a horn blast and end at 9:00 AM with a horn blast. Starting and ending times will be the same for both days. NO lines in the water till the horn sounds

7. All registrants will be notified of acceptance into tournament. You will be considered late if you are not signed in or in line to sign in by 6:45 AM at the registration table. Your personal clock, watch, or cell phone time is not official.

8. Alternates will be called out to participate in the tournament at 6:50 AM sharp. As an alternate you must be present to be called out to participate.

9. No Profanity. Profanity will be cause for disqualification.

10. Only ONE fishing pole in the water per contestant. You will fish unassisted of parents or help of any kind. You may use one (1) assistant, parent, friend, etc. as a runner. This person’s job is to take any caught fish back and forth to the weigh in station. NO STRINGERS OR CONTAINER OF ANY KIND WILL BE USED.

11. Total weight of top five (5) fish caught will determine winner. Fish must be weighed and measured as caught not held until the end of the Tournament for weigh in. Fish are legal up to the closing horn if the fish is out of the water. Not legal if hooked and still fighting while the horn is sounded!

12. Total length of top five (5) fish caught will be tie breaker. A second tie breaker will be based on total points. 10 points per bass; 5 points per Catfish and 2 points per Perch.

13. This is a non-professional tournament!! No other rules apply, and the Tournament Officials will make final determinations. All rulings by Tournament Officials will be final.

14. Any Scholarships awarded will be held for you by Creekside Christian Fellowship. Proof of college enrollment will be needed. Checks will be made payable to your registered college or book store.

15. If you join the military a check will be made payable to your choice of college once you return or paid to you with an Honorable Discharge.

16. If scholarship money is not claimed by the student winner by birthday age of 25, the scholarship will be forfeited and used for future tournament purses.

17. Awards will begin at 9:30 AM on Saturday and 9:30 AM Sunday after the tournament. Winners are required to be at Creekside Christian Fellowship Sunday morning for the presentation of awards on May 5th at 9:30 AM.

18. Gates will open at 6:00 AM each day for contestants. There is no entrance fee for the fishing tournament. 

19. The horn will sound only for lightning. The tournament will resume for its proper duration when safe. 

This tournament will take place rain or shine!!


1ST PLACE » Awarded $2,500.00 in college scholarship

2ND PLACE » Awarded $2,000.00 in college scholarship

3RD PLACE » Awarded $1,500.00 in college scholarship

4TH PLACE » Awarded $1,000.00 in college scholarship.

HARD LUCK PARTICIPANT » $500.00 college scholarship {awarded each day for a hard luck participant; to be drawn from the remaining participants}

This is a Christian Church sponsored fishing tournament. Our only purpose is to improve our community, families and our youth. These are values that are dear to us. Please use good sportsmanship, good conduct and do your best. We believe we can, and will honor God with our Words, Thoughts, and Actions. Please note we will pray at the start of the tournament. Have fun and may you have a great fish story to tell!!

You must signify below you agree and give permission to release pictures to newspapers and future advertisements if your minor wins or is selected as a Tournament Participant.  Proceed to the registration form below, or use the Printable Registration Form linked below. 


$15,000 in scholarship money is up for grabs

to participating high school students




Hang tight while we prepare your form...