Fee Schedule

  • PreK - K5 summer 6:30a-6:00p = $140 per week / $280 ever other Wednesday

    K5 - 6th Grade summer 6:30a-6:00p = $135 per week / $270 every other Wednesday

  • 6:30a-6:00p TT 18 mo to K5 = $70 per week / $140 every other Wednesday

    6:30a-6:00p MWF 18 mo to K5 = $105 per week / $210 every other Wednesday

    6:30a-noon M-F 18 mo to K5 = $105 per week / $210 every other Wednesday

  • 6:30a-6:00p 18 mo to 3 yr = $155 per week / $667 per month

    6:30a-6:00p 3yr thru PreK = $145 per week / $624 per month

    6:30a-3:30p K5-6th Grade = $143 per week / $615 per month / $5,535 per school year

    6:30a-6:00p K5-6th Grade = $155 per week / $665 per month / $5985 per school year


Full-time 18months - 3 yr olds = $170 per week ($340 every other Wednesday)

*first rate increase since 2021


CCA has combined all registration fees, application fees, enrollment fees, security deposit fees, etc. into one fee called the “One-Time Enrollment Fee” of $175.00 per child. A one-time enrollment fee (not annually) of $175.00 is due upon registration for each child.

If you terminate childcare services and are gone less than 90 days and wish to return to CCA, you must pay a $75 Re-Enrollment Fee.


CCA has a yearly supply fee of $45 per child. The yearly supply is due every February to help pay for the necessary supplies for the children’s daily activities, crafts, projects, fun pages, paints, printings, etc.


If more than one sibling is attending CCA, each sibling after the first child, will receive a $5 discount off of their tuition rate, each week.


With a two (2) week written notice, CCA will hold a child's spot during the summer break for a Summer Off Hold Fee of $75.00 per summer, per child. Summer Time Hold Fee will hold a child's spot for up to 14 weeks of summer time. Childcare services will still be available for the said 'Summer Off' child, but as a 'drop in' basic. See 'Drop Ins' for more details.


During the regular hours of operations, CCA will except 'drop ins' if room/spot is available and all enrollment paperwork including up to date shot records are provided at the time of drop off. A 'drop in' flat rate of $40 a day, per child, will be due at the time of drop off.


Specific tuition rates and payment dates will be outlined in the bi-weekly fee schedule. Tuition payments are due every other week. Tuition rates are payable in advance and are due no later than 6pm on Wednesday for the following two (2) week’s childcare. Payments may be made by check, automatic bill pay, money order or cash.

A late fee of $15 will be assessed for failure to pay by 6pm on Wednesday. If payment is not received by Thursday at 6pm, an additional $20 late fee will be charged, bringing a total of $35 in late fees for tuition payments made on Friday. Childcare will be denied for any tuition payments that are not paid by Friday at 6pm. Childcare services will continue to be denied until account is made current. Repeated late payments will result in termination of services.


A $1.50 per minute late pickup fee will be assessed for all children picked up after closing. This must be paid before the child’s next regularly scheduled day. This will be strictly enforced and habitual tardiness will result in termination of services.

Please inform CCA as soon as possible, when the child/children will be picked up later than their usual pick up time. Your child/children along with their teachers will begin to worry when they realize it is past their usual pick up time. CCA teachers would greatly appreciate a call so that we may reassure your child/children that they are not forgotten!


If a check is returned for non-sufficient funds, there will be a $35 fee incurred as a result of the returned check. Childcare services may be halted until full payment of tuition and non-sufficient funds charges have been paid in cash.  


Childcare tuition fees are based on enrollment, not on attendance. In order to reserve your space (maintain your enrollment), tuition fees must be paid during all sick days, holidays, vacation days and any other days the facility is closed.