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February 2 marks the first day of our walk together in fulfilling the Great Commission.  Do you know what the Great Commission is? We are all called to go and make disciples; not good people; not happy people, but disciples.  Jesus called us to go make disciples of him -- to teach others about Jesus so they too, can go make disciples themselves. Our hope is to teach you to teach your children. 

Our greatest responsibility is to engage our kids, to teach them about him, and be ready to answer their questions about Jesus. Our hope is to teach you through this ministry to teach your children.

Our Family Small Groups will be offered 4 times per year and each will consist of 5 weeks of teachings.  These teachings will follow our Children's Ministry Curriculum but will be applied to all, as it is God's word...His Truths...

Come and reap the benefits of growing in His word as a Family so we can all "go and make disciples". 

4 times per year |  5 weeks long each

20 chances to gather in fellowship & grow in knowledge of His Word

Upcoming Dates

2/02 ► 2/09 ► 2/16 ► 2/23 ► 3/01

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