June 2, 2016 5:07 p.m.

Plan 1:

This FridaySaturdaySunday morning meet at CCF at 8 AM for daily debrief – Christine/Misty

Serve hot lunch and dinner to the impacted community FridaySaturdaySunday….may be longer or shorter  depending on the need.


SetUp/Tear Down – need 1-2 men on shift morning and evening to support (gas connections, heavy lifting)

Food Prep and Service- need 4-6 people to prep, cook, serve, and package food

Spiritual Council/Prayer – would like to have 1-2 people there to support the community

Delivery System- need 2 people with truck/cars/ATV’s to deliver food

Structure – no shift assignments, just let God lead you in your service. Please wear a hat, good shoes are recommended as there will be little to no sitting, and remember  sunscreen and bug spray to keep yourself as comfortable as possible


Misty Filipp 832.344.6965

Christine Farquar at 979.583.8612

Plan 2: 

Community Support: Cleaning Kits


What: Cleaning kits that provide simple necessities for the impacted families to clean up.

  •         Garbage bags
  •         Dust masks
  •         Gloves
  •         All purpose cleaner

Please drop off at CCF through Sunday, June 5th. We may do a second round later depending on the needs of the impacted communities.

We have a donation of supplies from Dival Safety that we would like to get packaged up Saturday for distribution. Volunteers are needed to sort and package the goods. 1- 2 hours depending on the turnout.

Where: CCF

When: 9 AM


Contacts: Misty Filipp 832.344.6965 or Ashlee Lidell 832.293.3934




June 2, 2016  9:18 a.m.

Good morning Church as you know our area is experiencing an epic flood. Who would have ever thought in our lifetime we would see the Brazos River at the highest levels in history as it currently is today.

We have several families in our church affected by these floods. This weekend we will coordinate efforts to help with disaster relief.

Please stay posted as to how you can help this weekend.

We will likely need to pull together a few items for packets that will need to be collected and stuffed. As soon as we have a few items to focus on we will let you know what is needed.

Our second effort will be in cooking food this weekend for families and first responders. You can also look for details as they get posted

Our third effort will be in setting up a prayer booth most likely at the location we set up for cooking.

These plans will be in constant flux, so please be aware and share the information as it unfolds. We might do all three of the above or it might only come down that we do one of the above so please once again pay attention to communication in our efforts.

Please do not go out and buy anything yet until we know exactly what we need.

Our church does these things well and I am looking forward to all of us serving our community.